Why choose to work with Storyboard Pro?

Benefits of Storyboard Pro

Used by storytellers, directors, and creatives globally, Storyboard Pro empowers you to get your ideas down, structure the sequence and elaborate the story so it can be shared, pitched and promoted on your terms. This all-in-one storyboard solution combines drawing, scripting, camera controls, animatic creation capabilities and sound. Seamlessly integrating with Harmony, Storyboard Pro is the way to get your content off the ground quickly and easily.

NUEVAS Características

Toon Boom ha estado ocupado desarrollando Storyboard Pro 24 para superar todas las expectativas de los clientes. Este lanzamiento ofrece más funciones de integración 2D/3D que nunca, así como una combinación de nuevas herramientas creativas, edición de audio y más.

Three symmetry drawing guides have been added to Storyboard 24. Vertical Symmetry, Horizontal Symmetry and Dual Axis. When active, the symmetry guides mirror the strokes drawn by the artist by duplicating it on the other side of the guide. For example, using the Vertical Symmetry guide allows artists to quickly draw characters without having to draw both sides.

The Pencil tool has been improved to support opacity variations on lines as they are drawn. Artists can control the amount of transparency on lines by applying more or less pressure on their stylus, giving them more control over the artistic look of their drawings. The resulting pencil lines have a more natural look, while still retaining the ability to be easily reshaped using the contour editor.

New properties have been added to the Brush tool to randomize the position of the brush tip when generating textured strokes. These properties will help improve the natural look of textured brushes and will open new artistic possibilities. Brushes that mimic soft brushes, sponges and air brushes will now be easier to create, as well as replicating brushes in from other drawing softwares.

The technology used to load and display 3D models was completely overhauled to provide faster loading, display and manipulation of 3D models within Storyboard Pro. Large models that used to make Storyboard Pro crawl, can now be visualized and manipulated without any performance issues.


Drawing tools have been overhauled to allow artists to draw and modify drawings layers that have any orientation. Prior to this change, drawing tools would not work if the viewing angle was more than 5°. Now, drawing tools can be used on drawing layers regardless of the viewing angle, allowing artists to quickly sketch and add details without interruption and in context of the scene.

Characters built with bone armatures can now be posed in Storyboard Pro by manipulating their bones. Posing characters can be used as is in the final render or as reference for the artist to draw over more expressive poses. Drawing over 3D references is a common technique as it allows the artist more freedom in the acting, while keeping the drawings on models and with the proper proportions.


3D models can now be imported in 2D scenes allowing artists to position the models, move or hide parts of the model while being in the context of the scene, before converting the model to a flat image. Using flat renders of 3D sets makes the storyboarding process simpler for artists as they don’t need to take into account the complexity of moving layers and cameras in 3D space. This makes the storyboard lighter as well, as once rendered to a flat image, Storyboard Pro does not have to display the 3D model.

Drawing layers can now be attached to 3D models in order to have them follow as the models move in 3D space. Whether this is a character drawn on a 3D vehicle or a prop drawn on a 3D character, attaching the layer ensures that the drawing stays aligned with the model and does not appear to slide on it. The artist does not have to animate each object individually anymore.

A simple Toon Shader effect is now available to produce cartoonish renders of 3D models that blends in with the style commonly used when drawing storyboards. Artists can control the width of the line and the amount of color levels used in the render.


Audio file can now be played from the Library view, where new functionalities allow users to select in and out points in the audio file before inserting in the Timeline. Selecting a portion of an audio file before inserting is especially useful when working with sound banks as audio files typically have multiple variations of the same sounds in the same file. Editors can now quickly select the portion they need from the audio file before inserting it in the Timeline.

The effect stack now allows editors to set keyframes on audio effects to vary the effect parameters over time. This will allow panning sound from one side to the other or increase the amount of echo over time.

The editing and creation of layouts for PDF export is now simpler and easier. The size and positions of panels on the page can easily be modified. A live preview is displayed as changes are made to immediately see the result immediately without having to export and open the generated PDF.

The features that make Storyboard Pro what it is

Storyboard Pro Industry Leading Features

Whether you started your project with a script or you chose to write the script as you draw your boards, Storyboard Pro has your back! Import your full script from any source and always stay in line with the most important part of any production: the Story. Add captions to your panels by simply dragging and dropping sections from your script.

Used Final Draft to create your script and manage your scenes, shots or panels? Storyboard Pro can automatically generate a storyboard from a .fdx import with scene breakdowns, naming and captions.



Toon Boom’s legendary drawing engine, capable of seamless work in vector and bitmap simultaneously, Storyboard Pro will allow you to push the bound- aries of creativity. Sketching or drafting has never been so responsive with the Brush tool which has been developed to feel as close to a real brush as possible. Set up advanced brush attributes, add textures to your vector lines and see them update while drawing, modify your lines as you see fit or convert bitmap lines to vector (also works the other way around!) with or without textures… the world is your oyster!


If accuracy is your thing then make use of Storyboard Pro’s rich library of rulers, guides and grids. Work in Isometric view for Gaming production or create a fisheye view of your shot, set up proportion grids for perfect compositions or, if you need to view your work from a new angle, simply mirror your workspace.

Create complex images with multiple layers while making use of texture shading, transparency and overlays. With Storyboard Pro you will be able to work efficiently and take your boards to new heights.

From the ground up, Storyboard Pro has a full 3D environment built in which you can activate at any time. All your layers can be manipulated on
all 3-axis at the same time allowing you to create immersive worlds. Storyboard Pro’s camera can be placed or animated either by framing your panel on 2-axis at a time or by converting it to a 3D camera. Parallax issues are things of the past!

Time your camera animation on one or extend its movement over multiple panels, Storyboard Pro will always help you convey the desired action.


As you are creating your boards, Storyboard Pro is automatically laying your panels in sequence on a timeline. This is the basis for your animatic, a video version of your storyboard. From there, adjust the timing of your scenes, add transitions, time your camera animation and even animate each layer of a panel to create easier, more compelling movements for your story.

The Storyboard Pro timeline will be familiar to the most demanding video editors, allowing you to edit multiple video and audio tracks, adjust durations with the “ripple subsequent panels” on or off, reposition your in/out points dynamically or cut/insert portions of your edit.

Export your animatic in multiple formats, in parts or as a single rendered video. Storyboard Pro will now allow you to export to Apple® ProResTM boosting full compatibility with the most demanding industry requirements.

Apple® ProResTM codecs provide an unparalleled combination of multistream, real-time editing performance, impressive image quality, and reduced storage rates. All Apple® ProResTM codecs support all frame sizes (including SD, HD, 2K,

4K, and 5K) at full resolution.as guide your drawings with rulers and perspective guides.


No animatic would be complete without the addition of sound. Add as many soundtracks
as you want to from the most commonly used formats. Record your own temp track if needed directly from Storyboard Pro’s timeline. Link any audio clip to your storyboard panels so that you never lose sync or lock background sounds grounding them throughout the editing process.

Do your mixing directly in Storyboard Pro by adjusting audio levels for multiple or individual clips, dynamically adding keyframes all the while monitoring Audio Levels to avoid clipping. To give your sounds more personality, open up the Effect Stack view and add a variety of effects. If this is still not enough, Storyboard Pro lets you export your entire sequence as a merged or individual track in a variety of formats and quality.


System Requirements

An Internet connection is required to activate the software.

Storyboard Pro 20 also supports Blackmagic Design playback devices when using cached playback. For a full list of improvements and new features, please see our detailed Storyboard Pro 20 release notes.

System requirements can be updated or changed without notice.

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